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Carlos Paz is a city in Argentina in Córdoba Province, on the shores of the artificial lake Embalse San Roque. It is very busy with tourists during the weekends and holidays.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Cordoba

Walk the 4km from the centre towards the entrance of the highway, Autopista 20, in north east direction. There's an YPF gas station on a side road not far from the on-ramp. Otherwise, use the traffic lights before the gas station to catch a ride. On the highway one can also switch directions towards Alta Gracia, where Che spent his youth.

South towards the Sierras, Mendoza and Alta Gracia

Walk south on the main road (Ruta 14) out of town. Try catching a ride at one of the traffic lights. The urban area of Carlos Paz doesn't really end until Villa Icho Cruz and Cuesta Blanca, some 14 km south. Settle for short hitches until you're out of town or try to get a colectivo (city bus) to stop.

The ruta 14 goes all the way through the beautiful Sierras via Mina Clavero and Villa Dolores. From Villa Dolores starts the Ruta 20 towards Mendoza.