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<map lat='51.200215' lng='3.225517' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' height='380' width='350'/>
Flag of Belgium
State: [[West-Vlaanderen]]
Population: 117,073
Major roads: A17, E40
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Bruges (Brugge) is a town in Belgium.

Hitchhiking out

Towards Oostende, Calais, etc

Take the bus for 'Loppem' from the main station. Get off at the stop just before Loppem village. There is a motorway exit to stand at 200m from here.

Method 1: Google maps: 56J4+H3G Bruges. Take bus number 7/27 to Kinepolis. There’s a layby just after the last roundabout before the motorway, or some gas stations earlier on.

Method 2: Go to the beginning of the 'Baron Ruzettelaan' (10/15 min walk from train station and city centre). There are 2 gas stations, people drive slow and there is enough place to pull over. Even by night it's a great spot. Once there, you hold up a sign that says '4km', ask if they go to 'Oostkamp' (Most people are), and if they could drop you off at the entrance of the motorway there (E40).

From that entrance in Oostkamp, you can go in any direction and country. Make a sign that says: 'Gent', 'Torhout' or 'Jabbeke'.

Towards The Netherlands, Amsterdam

About 30 minute walk from the main city center you will find a road called Maalse Steenweg. This road (N9) will lead towards Ghent, Antwerp (E34) and the Netherlands (E19, A12 etc). You can hitchhike from anywhere in this road (it is a rather small local road but a lot of people take this road to exit the city), but there is a busy intersection and bus stop in front of a McDonalds (Maalse Steenweg 225) where you can easily catch a ride on to E34.

Towards Oostkamp, Ghent, Brussels

When getting out of the main entrance of the train station, walk straight and follow the main road to the right. Walk straight for about 1,5 km. You'll pass some bus parkings, some small channels and a huge bridge. Just behind this bridge, at the traffic light, walk to the right again. There you'll find three petrol stations. You can just hitch next to the road at the first or second station, passing traffic can easily stop here. Most rides go to Oostkamp, ask your driver to drop you out close to the on-ramp of the highway. There, you can continue hitchhiking east- or westwards.

E403 to Lille, Paris

Walk the N397 right down to the Roundabout to the E403 after the Kineopolis Bridge there is a parking line for trucks. Position yourself close to the ramp to the roundabout. Took me 30 minutes to find a ride.

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