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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg.png
Population: 44,104 (31 Dec 2015)
Licence plate: KA
Major roads: Bundesautobahn 5 number.svg
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Bruchsal is a city in Germany, located at the A5 between Karlsruhe and Heidelberg.

Hitchhiking out

Any direction Bundesautobahn 5 number.svg

There is a very great service area on the A5, just out of town.

From Bruchsal train station, take the bus no. 125 to Rasthof Ost for going north or west or to Rasthof West for going south or east.

This is an excellent place to get very long lifts in any direction.

Direction Pforzheim, Stuttgart B35

When coming from the Autobahn A5, ask to be dropped of near the "Erdbeer- and Spargelhof" outside of the city. When you leave the A5 by car, you'll find yourself directly on the Bundesstraße 3. Take the first exit, then you will see a traffic light, where you can stand in the green. Although some cars might pass fast, they can see you very good and there is enough space for them to pull over. Of course many people will only go to nearby cities like Bretten, but there are local people avoiding the ever jammed A8, who could take you even to Stuttgart or Pforzheim. Bring a sign stating Bretten - it's 20km down the Bundesstraße and there is a Aral gas station where you can ask people for rides again.

When you are already in town go to the big intersection of Bundesstraße 3 ("Durlacher"/"Karlsruher Straße") and 35 ("Grabener Straße"). Directions from the train station as following: Exit the train station and turn left onto "Prinz-Wilhelm-Straße". Follow the road (you will pass a REWE Supermarket righthand) until it merges into the B3 ("Karlsruher Straße"). Turn left and you will already notice the intersection with it's traffic lights. Bring a sign. Getting rides to Karlsruhe or Heidelberg on B3 is difficult because people tend to take the A5.