Brandenburg an der Havel

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Brandenburg an der Havel
<map lat='52.39' lng='12.55' zoom='11' view='0' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Brandenburg.png
Population: 71,800
Licence plate: BRB
Major roads: A 2
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Brandenburg an der Havel, or simply called Brandenburg is a City west of Berlin in the federal state of Brandenburg. The motorway A 2 is close to the town.

Hitchhiking out

East, West, (A 2, Potsdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Magdeburg, Hannover)

South of town there is a on ramp on the A2. It is easy to find a lift to Berlin or Potsdam, especially on workdays. If you want to get further east, get dropped at Michendorf. It is a little more difficult to hitch in direction west, but also very possible.

It is a long way to walk to the on ramp and it is hard to stop for cars on the way. Also there is no busstop nearby which degrades this spot a little bit. Try to hitch to the on ramp or further at one of the petrol stations on Potsdamer Straße which is more close to town, or simply ask students at the university if somebody can drive you to there.

From the city go over the railway bridge or take the buses D or H to Schmerzke, there is a bus stop with a bay to stop and a petrol station.