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<map lat="-13.163056" lng="-74.224444" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Peru
State: Ayacucho
Population: 151,019
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Huamanga (commonly known as Ayacucho) is a city in Peru.

Hitching out

East towards Andahuaylas, Cuzco

Take ruta 10 in the direction Hospital etc. till the last stop. You can hitch from here.

West towards Pisco, Pacific coast

Take ruta 3, 4, or 15, at least to "Grifo Ayacucho" and walk a bit from there. Ruta 15 is convenient as it continues out of the city to a small village.

Ok, so I guess you know you´re in the middle of your trans-Andean hitch and there´s no way back. A-ha. It´s muddy, tiny, long, difficult, you don´t want to be there in the rainy season and people actually die on this road. Most of people there have no idea what hitchhiking is, but they will be happy to help you (in Dec´12 we got free rides from truck, taxis, animal transport and long-distance buses). And still: it´s a very beautiful and doable hitch. Be sure to carry some food though, as you might need some days to cross this road. Good luck!