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Template:Amstetten is a city in Lower Austria, Austria.

Hitchhiking out

It's the same way to go towards Vienna , Linz or Salzburg

You walk (a very nice walk) until the gas station Eni Tankstelle (Oiden 110, 3300 Amstetten, Austria). Once there you skip this awful station and continue to the roundabout. I promise you the spot is much better than this gas station, so skip it. In the roundabout you turn right, to the highway direction Linz / Wien. After 20m you will find a very nice spot that looks like a bus stop. I have never waited there more than 20 minutes. Also I would highly advise to use a cardboard because people can drive anywhere.

If you are going to Vienna, avoid middle stops like Sankt Pölten. Its an awful place to hitchhike because it's out of the highway. I have always end up finding someone who goes straight to Vienna.

Places to avoid

Hitchhike in the Eni Tanktelle gas station.