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The name, represents events in life that are simply out of our control, and making the best of it. I live in Western Canada. I have really close ties to Red Deer, AB, but I consider my home town to be Medicine Hat, AB. One thing that I really enjoy about hitchhiking is that it is like a roll of the dice. I have had some really cool experiences, and they were made a lot better by the fact that they were completely random.For work, I do Seismic. In short, we help look for oil. Its seasonal work, so I get a lot of time off in the summer. When I need a little extra cash in the summer I usually pick up odd jobs and temp work. Last year I helped out a lot with the flood clean up in Medicine Hat, Calgary, and High River.



  • I plan to mainly contribute to the area of Western Canada.

Trans-Can Hwy(Hwy-1)

  • As far as the Trans-Can goes, most of my experience is in the west, so I'll mainly be concentrating on Hwy-1 from the West Coast to about Regina for now, and expanding out to the Ontario border later on.

Crowsnest Hwy

  • This highway runs through some pretty cool locations. Its an older Highway, that was built when they still bent roads around the mountains, instead blasting a hole through them. The people are interesting, and there are some pretty beautiful places, and sights to see along the way.

Yellowhead Hwy

  • I don't have a lot of experience Hitchhiking on this highway, but I've spent a little time on it driving myself. I plan to mainly concentrate on the Highway from Prince Rupert to about Saskatoon.

Regions of BC

  • there is a lot of info out there on BC its just a matter of organizing it.

The rest of AB

  • Alberta typically has a bad reputation in the traveling community, and for the most part it is well earned. a lot of it stems from misunderstandings, and semantic differences between the traveling community, and local communities. There are some pretty cool locations here though.