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Uppsala is a university town north of Stockholm.

Hitching around

If you are coming from the north and you want to continue hitchhiking, for example to Stockholm, make sure you don't get dropped off at the gas station Statoil Bärbyleden. There is a burger restaurant,too and it's located maybe a kilometre from the main highway. Only local traffic drives through there. This is probably the only gas station near Uppsala, so if your driver's destination is Uppsala, try to convinve him/her to drop you off one gas station before or after Uppsala.

Hitchhiking out


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South towards Stockholm

Hitch along the street Tycho Hedéns väg. Traffic is slow and drivers can pull over.

Public Transport


58-UNGDOM UPPSALA Stadstrafik.Giltig till 2011-02-20 kl. 12.30.Pris:12 kr(inkl.6% moms)1105f19tG8381A368291

Above is SMS traffic ticket of Uppsala, copy to your phone and change the validity whenever you need. then change the code. 1105: the time you buy the ticket . validity is 1.5 hour. so code can not be in advance of 1.5 hour f19=february 19trash:Uppsala