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Week before last (September 2014) I went Melbourne to Sydney via the Hume in about 11.5 hours and two rides. Coming back I took the Princes Highway and it took two days and 16 rides: It was pretty long and gruelling at times. It rained, and my feet got wet, and it was pretty cold. I spent one night under a bridge in Nadgee state forest and spent almost as much time on foot over the two days as I did in the car. That said, the people I met were awesome, and I still had a great time but if I was going to do it again I would take a tent and a sleeping bag and would probably plan a few days and stops--there were some really sweet places that I would have loved to stop at if the trip hadn't taken so gosh darn long. Anyway, full story is here if anyone is interested: On the road mid semester: Hitch-hiking Melbourne to Sydney and back again Next trip is New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur so that should be fun :) Mark.