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Flag of Denmark
Population: 176,683
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Odense is a city on the island of Fyn in Denmark. It's the third largest city in Denmark, known primarily for being the birth town of Hans Christian Andersen.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Sjaellend, Copenhagen, Sweden

The good news is that most of the traffic leaving Odense in this direction is funnelled onto the E20 via the junction near Svendborgvej.

However very recently (Jan 2018) this junction has been redesigned, and it's now much harder to hitch that it used to be. Your best bet is to stand halfway down Drejebaeken, where the road curves you'll see a space on the island in the middle of the road where cars can pull in.

There are lots of traffic here, however it IS illegal for pedestrians to be on this street, and it is illegal for the cars to stop here. But I could not find a more suitable hitching spot.

If you don't want to stand there, there's a gas station near the McDonalds. Or try signing at the Flixbus bus stop near the McDonalds - but it's close to the roundabout and the cars see you pretty late. Signing before the roundabout means you miss the traffic leaving the gas station and the McDonalds.

Alternatively, there is another big junction 2km west at Dalumvej. However here the traffic are coming from four different roads so you won't have the same concentration on traffic.

If you're really having a bad time east out of Odense, it could be worth your time hitching west to the Kildebjerg gas station and looking for a ride east from there. Like I said, it's not easy.

Also important to remember - when travelling east, you'll be going over the Great Belt Bridge which has a £35 euro toll. As with the ferries, this charge is per car.


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