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<map lat="43.07304999999976" lng="-89.4012300000001" zoom="10" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of United States of America
United States of America
State: Wisconsin
Population: 236,900
Major roads: I-39.svg I-90.svg I-94.svg
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Madison is a city in Wisconsin.

Hitching out

North towards Portage

The ramp entering I94/90/39 from US 151 eastbound is a great place to catch a ride. To get here from downtown, you can take an 06 northeast bus towards East Towne Mall. Ask to be dropped off as close to the I94 ramps as possible. You will have to walk 15 minutes.

North/East towards Oshkosh

There is no good way to hitch to Oshkosh from Madison. The best place to hitch from is probably on the shoulder of the 151 just after I94/90/39 intersects it. Be prepared to wait a while.

North/West towards La Crosse, Minneapolis, Hwy 90

On East Washington Ave and East Springs Dr, there's a Shell station and several fast food restaurants where cars can turn on their way to the highway (or you can directly ask people). They're going a bit fast but they have two opportunities to turn and can decide while at the stoplight as long as they can see you. There's an entrance to go to Chicago as well so a sign might be useful. After getting stuck in the evening Matt&camy got a ride after about 40 minutes the next day. In case you get stuck, you can go down E Springs Dr until you find a bowling alley next to a small grass area where you could pitch a tent although it's not the best.

South towards Chicago

Same spot as above to go North/West, E Washington and East Springs Dr.