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Huelva is a city between Sevilla and the Algarve, Portugal.

Hitchhiking out[edit]

Direction of Lepe, Ayamonte and Portugal[edit]

The best way to head out of Huelva (city) heading to Lepe, Ayamonte and across the bridge to Vila Real de San Antonio is by getting on the Huelva-Punta Umbria bridge. Walk down Avenida Molino del Vega and pass the Mercadona (supermarket), LIDL and Dia and a sporting goods store on the left. You will get to a rotunda/round/about and start looking for rides. On the far left there is an entrance to the A/497 (Huelva/Punta Umbria) and also to the A-49 heading to Ayamonte and Portugal. Wait at the gas station (across the street from the McD's) and you will find someone. Look for Portuguese license plates too!