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<map lat='40.7828839' lng='21.428466796875' zoom='12' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Greece
Population: 16,700
Licence plate: PA
Major roads: E 86
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Florina is a small town in the very north of Greece, close to the border to Macedonia.

Hitchhiking out

Every direction

In the middle of the town you can find a roundabout, called Meg. Alexandrou Square. It is the best place in the town to hitch, because all traffic leading to other citys must pass here. From the roundabout it is possible to hitch to the east (Edessa, Thessaloniki, Istanbul) or to the south or west (Kastoria, Ioannina) or even to the north to Macedonia. To the border with Macedonia is almost no traffic, it seems that neither the Greeks nor the Macedonians cross the border often. But you maybe can get a lift to Niki a small village rigth at the border, from there it is possible to walk to Bitola.