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Chongqing is a city in China.

Hitchhiking out

Like all big cities in China, it's a real effort to get out of town. The standard is to take a cheap bus to a small city then continue hitchhiking. Habakuk12321 took a bus to Dazu [1]. The region there is great, the villages small and there is almost no tourism. It's the way to Chengdu.

North/South/West/East towards Yichang

Chongqing is on the Yangtse river. Habakuk12321 did not find a way to get there for free. But the Three Gorges Dam is worth a visit.[2]

Hitching in

Chongqing is a megalopolis. Its difficult to hitchhike into the city center. There are buses to the center, in this area exist a lightrail to find the way to the main places, the bus and the port.

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Try to ask the students at the university camp. They speak English and they are helpful or try CouchSurfing.

Other Useful Info