Calafat-Vidin border crossing

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<map lat="44.003947045105" lng="22.894120048011" zoom="13" view="0" float="right" />

On June, 2013 the bridge was opened between Vidin and Calafat.

The Calafat-Vidin border crossing connects the two sides of the Danube: Bulgaria (town of Vidin) with Romania (town of Calafat). Now a ferry operates here, but the new bridge is under construction, will be ready in 2012. European route E79 goes here from Oradea to the south end in Thessaloniki.

There is no timetable for the ferry, it goes when it fills up; the last ferry leaves around midnight. It takes about an hour for the ship to turn, the queue pretty much fills up with trucks within that time (except late at night). Price for single passangers is 3 Euros, payable in Euros, Lei or Leva. It's not possible to hitchhike this ferry as you pay for a car and also for every person in a car.