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跳到导航 跳到搜索

Thank you for adding all this information in Chinese! It would be nice if you can add "interlanguage" links, e.g. [[en:Paris]] to link from the Chinese article about Paris to the English language article, I've done it for some articles that still have English titles, but I'd have to resort to Google translate to find the others :) Likewise it's alsogreat to add [[zh:Signs]] from the English articles, once the link is established others will probably fill in the other languages too. guaka 2010年3月11日 (四) 13:16 (UTC)

It's good practice to "sign" messages on talk pages with ~~~~, this will fill in your nick name and the time and date. Apart from that, talk pages can be used for many things, such as posing questions, leaving comments or suggestions, communication between wiki users, or just to say you like someone's contributions :) guaka 2010年3月11日 (四) 14:34 (UTC)

Hey, you forgot to go out with us to the party and you left your famous glasses! Guess you'll have to get back here when you still can :) --Robino 2011年7月3日 (日) 23:37 (CEST) haha!

sorry for missing the party, and glass is for the bear! im in paris now, hope to c u guys again in xxx city. --mipplor