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Yemen is a country in Western Asia with borders to Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Flag of Yemen Yemen
Language: Arabic
Capital: Sana'a
Population: 20,727,100
Currency: Yemeni Rial (YER)
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Hitching in Eastern Yemen: mind the camel.

alex: I found it very easy to hitchhike in Yemen, however, there are special permits needed when people want to move on the countryside. It seemed to me that those are not only for the safety of tourists, but also for more control of the government about what foreigners are allowed to see. (There are some tribes that do not accept the government, but the government isn't very nice to them either -- it is better not to get in between, check the current situation when you get there about which areas are no-go). Army check points that control for guns and your permits could be seen as the metro stations of Yemen (as service stations are on German highways, you jump from one to the other). The guys there have been very friendly to me and also helped me to organised lifts for my onward journey. However, sometimes I found it personally to much of a hassle as they are not very used to this, so I recommend just to organise your lift at other places and cross those points in a car (when the situations allows it). It is helpful to have some knowledge of Arabic, but I think it is not obligatory for getting around. Payment for the lift is generally expected, but this will be agreed on in the beginning of the journey (when you decide to use this car). On the main routes I turned those lifts down as there is enough traffic on the streets. Ah, yes, I have been told to better avoid cars with white number plates, those are from the government and rich oil companies and together with white people it might make them/you to a target to kidnapping.


Sana'a capital


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