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<map lat='40.655899197582144' lng='29.271011352539062' zoom='12' view='5' float='right' />

Yalova is a city south of Istanbul, across the Gulf of Izmit, and is located en route to Bursa.

Hitchhiking out

Yalova is located on the highways with a steady volume of traffic, connecting Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmit, three of Turkey’s most industrialized cities, so getting a lift from a car or truck driver is no problem at all.

However, that being said, entrance of Yalova is where hitchhiker Vidimian has ever been shown a mid-finger by a passing-by driver while hitching for the first –and so far the last- time in his hitchhiking “career” of more than 5 years. That guy may well be the exception though, as the lift offer south to Bursa has arrived only minutes later.

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