Waco (Texas)

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The home of the late David Koresh and the Branch Dividians, Waco is known to be... Different. One visit and you'll be certain the acronym GTFO was surely created here, they don't call it "Wacky Waco" for nothing. If being dropped off at the truck stop on the North side of Waco, stay the hell away from North Crest RV Park. Once you read the 75 percent of fake reviews and make the mistake of visiting, you'll agree the owner has bodies buried on his property and is looking for new victims. Everybody else here is strange.

Hitching North / South

The one saving grace of Waco is that unlike El Paso and some other areas of Texas - the I-35 is amazingly wide. Don't be afraid to jump directly on the freeway and hitch either direction. The only normal people here are driving through Waco and not stopping. Most are travelling between Dallas and El Paso and happy to give a lift.