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unclesam01 is a hitchhiker from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Countries Hitched

  • UK: 4,094 km
  • Turkey: 3,549 km
  • Poland: 2,150 km
  • Belarus: 1,351 km
  • United States: 1,336 km
  • Japan: 1,160 km
  • Czech Republic: 1017 km
  • Georgia: 944 km
  • Slovakia: 747 km
  • Croatia: 640 km
  • Serbia: 488 km
  • Armenia: 382 km
  • Bulgaria: 341 km
  • Austria: 271 km*
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: 228 km
  • Ireland: 215 km
  • Ukraine: 168 km
  • Israel: 117 km
  • Belgium: 67 km
  • Slovenia: 60 km*
  • Canada: 48 km

Total: 19,383 km

As of June 28th, 2017. Taken from (*)means I only hitched through the country


  • Most distance covered with a single driver: 883 km

July 26 & 27, 2015: Ukrainian trucker in a Bulgarian truck who took me almost all the way from the Georgian-Turkish border at Sarpi to Bolu on my way to Istanbul within two days. Got this ride after a desperate, 2.5h wait near the border. Stayed a night in Samsun with a friend and then hitched this guy completely randomly again the next day near Merzifon.

  • Longest single ride: 516 km

July 18 & 19, 2015: 'twas the morning of Bayram... Samsun to Batumi - Georgian trucker, whose truck kept breaking down, while the guy had to find an ATM that would accept AmEx and a place to top up his phone - needless to say, it took 14 hours and I arrived to Batumi at 3 am(but I got there and that's what matters :)

  • Longest wait: 6 hrs

April 16, 2017: Atlanta, GA, various I-75 on-ramps. A cumulative wait time for 3 different spots. First was 3 hrs without any success, although 2 cars stopped (both going in the wrong direction). The second spot attracted an uber driver from Haiti after approx. 20 min., who took me for free to the next exit (about 3 miles, still deep suburbia). Third spot was completely hopeless and I gave up after 3 hours in the Sun and took a bus to Tennessee the next day. It was Easter Sunday, which might explain it...

  • Highest speed: ~185 kph

June 17th, 2017: Bratislava to Warsaw, between Częstochowa and Radomsko. Polish guy in a Mercedes van with Viennese license plates. Approximate speed as the speedometer only showed 10s of km (it was between 180 and 190).

  • Best 24 Hours: 654 km

June 17th, 2017: Bratislava to Warsaw. 4 out of 5 drivers were Polish. Hitched on the highway in Bratislava and got picked up within 10 mins. Beat previous record by only 14 km (same route, opposite direction).

Planned Trips

  • Ukraine(entering through the famous split village), Moldova(+Transnistria), Romania
  • Serbia(Vojvodina, visiting Slovak villages), Romania (Banat, visiting Czech villages), Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro
  • Iran+Kurdistan (you know which country I'm talking about)
  • UAE, Oman, Saudi (inshallah, if I get a transit visa), Jordan
  • Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia
  • Russia to Japan (via Sakhalin)