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TrekhaakGezocht is not a single user, but a project team, represented here by Remco Timmermans

Our experience with hitchhiking

File:TrekhaakGezocht Utrecht2010.jpg
The Caravan Hitchhiking Project

Trekhaak Gezocht is actually the name of a Utrecht-based project team that focuses solely on hitchhiking with a caravan. So far the team has been hitchhiking in Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary. Later this year they will move into Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Our philosophy on hitchhiking

You need others to get further. On Sunday, January 3rd 2010, Tjerk Ridder left Utrecht, hitchhiking with a brand new Eriba caravan to the various 2010 European Capitals of Culture. Equipped with a guitar, his dachshund Dachs and the caravan, but without a car. To reach his travel destinations, he depends on people willing to take him and his caravan to the next spot. The hitchhiking voyage is a metaphor, which literally shows that you need others to get further.


  • Making stage II of the 2010 Caravan Hitchhiking Project as big a success as stage I
  • Continuing The Caravan Hitchhiking Project in 2011, 2012, ...

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