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Update 2023 :

If we shared a smile, and I gave you one of my very old cards, its because I feel we might be friends that are yet to meet, if you feel like writing to me to explore if indeed the feeling was right. Lets take it as a life hack experiment ;)

New e-lev-ator Pitch ( as of nearly 2013 )

Dante spends much of his perceptions as a co-creative agent, conceptual artist, systems design thinker, living in a continual recomposition of increasingly granular components from digital , analog, and dream sources into ongoing synthesis of reality experiences, lead through listening of energy states and flows, discovery of contexts and vision holding of intentional directions which Dante wishes to share in cocreation. :)

Further Context

Dante ( Dante-Gabryell Monson ) has been hitchhiking Europe as a permanent traveler since the Paris 2003 European Social Forum.

Dante is interested in the development of alternative lifestyles ( experience of the ongoing transit, presence of festivalist nomadism, and the metaphysics of the hitch hiker - as a metarealist expression?) and nomadic netroots activismoriented towards developing paradigms maximizing opportunities , and not coercion.

Dante is from Europe ( born in 1983 in Brussels , Belgium, where he grew up ), but also lived in Taiwan and Malaysia for about two years. ( age 16 and 17 )

Dante has been involving himself over the last years with various networks , such as ( "young european greens" - note : I since distanced myself from centralizing approaches ) ; p2pfoundation

and as his extended family,nomad bases and hospitality networks : "dante" on and , "dante-gabryell" on

In 2009

Dante is trying hard to reduce the frequency of his re-locations , and converge more of his activities around Brussels and Berlin.

Dante also looks forward to understand and build on intentional social network dynamics and projects , including Peer Governance , Peer Production and Open Manufacturing , Open Business ; Alternative Currencies ; and Stigmergy.

As a self-learner , Dante is also interested in certain fields of cybernetics and semiotics , and would like to develop one of his ideas for a emergent post-symbolic spatial language. , for which he still lacks programming and graphic design skills.

In 2010

Dante is working on converging friends to invest in a low cost housing project in Leipzig , as a starting point for a p2p local hybrid economy,

and is also learning more about RDF Vocabularies, and interested in defining a "ReQuest" Semantic Web Vocabulary for enabling Transaction Contract Graphs, for hybrid transactions between various types of relational dynamics - see : Fiske Relational Dynamics

In 2011

Dante is likely to collaborate with various groups in Belgium towards furthering alternative finance.

In 2012

Dante wishes to further support integration into 4th order cybernetics, through Emergent Synthesis

In 2013

Dante co-develops solutions for viable nomadic ( economic ) systems, including Spime Housing, in addition to previous research which is converging in the form of the netention prototypes ( code : , for newer code, see 2014 )

In 2014

Dante continues his research and online co-creation of communities of practice, supporting Boundary Spanning for Open Innovation and Collective Intelligence through Libre and Agile approaches, finding others who share the interests Dante is engaged in over the last 10 years. He is interested in learning more about REA accounting and Open Value Networks, encourage its inclusion into the Netention Semantic Technology code, converging various individuals who developed code with similar intentions and architecturural choices. See code on GitHub ; Slides Presentation

In addition, with friends active on!forum/op-n-m , Dante is interested in supporting a Belgian Not for Profit to bring more visibility to Open Value Network approaches, inspired by Sensorica.

Dante is also interested in investigating under-used spaces, and the potential to use Pop-Up shops as temporary spaces for supporting the convergence and spreading of ideas and initiatives related to ( Emergent and Networked ) Community Economics.

In parallel, what concerns the material world, Dante is interested in investigating solutions combining mobile ( prefabricated , CNC milled ? ) Tiny Housing "bases", and nomadic cycling tribes, at first, along a Western European North-South route. He ideally wants to discover more of northern Scandinavia. Potentially converging a tribe for a yearly north south migration by bike ( with a pop up village in the north, and another in the south ? ) , developing economic activities in partnership with land owners who's land has lost its fertility through industrial agriculture, by providing support in the creation of permacultural food forests to replenish the richness of the soil, and reduce erosion. Dante is also interested in the potential to pick berries in the Scandinavian north :)

End of 2014

Dante looks forward to collaborate in the field of modular housing, together with a belgian organization ( )


Still interested in modular housing and semantic technologies, looking forward to develop "spimed" approaches


Still interested in using graph databases and semantic ontologies as a nexus for integration. Aiming to empower integration for regenerative design. Some entry points being energy accounting, post-monetary economics, modular housing, solarpunk narratives, roleplaying games, anthropocenic ecological regeneration.

2000 to 2005 archives

You can read some old Archives related to me : from 2004 , 2000 to 2005

Meaning of Life

Dante believes that the key to meaning is the opening of trust , mutual empowerment , learning and creativity in shared interconnected realities , towards greater understanding , welcoming , surrendering in the moment , at every moment , letting what " can through us " flow.

Beyond Self-Actualization - 2007 text

Hitch Hiking and Life

Dante enjoys surrendering to synchronicity.


When Dante can not sleep , he sometimes tries to re-count the number of trips and kilometers he hitch hiked , and tends to fall asleep after counting 300 000km.

Dante has been suffering from a serious hitch hiking overdose since 2007 ( especially solo hitch hiking on highways he knows all too well ) , and is currently healing by limiting hes hitch hiking experience , through staying in places of shared reality longer ( more then two days ) , and using other forms of transport.

Dante suggests long distance hitch hiking ( over 2000 km non-stop , without stopping for sleeping ) as a spiritual practice ( overcoming the illusion of insecurity and of specific needs , opening up trust and faith ) , and as a test practice for couples that are in love relationships ( facing hardships together and opening up to uncertainties in joy and detachment )

For optimal comfort and traveling experience , Dante recommends long term hitch hikers traveling Europe to have as only luggage a small backpack not exceeding 5kg in weight. ( this is usually enough for extra socks and underwear , shorts , some t shirts , extra pullover , raincoat and a laptop )

Dante very much enjoyed the freedom of movement in summer 2006 , when he traveled several months with a 1,5 kg backpack.

Myers Briggs Personality Traits and Integral Theory Value Systems

Results from answering to a Myers Briggs test lead me to match with "INFP" characteristics ...

When it comes to Integral Theory, In the beginning of my 20 ies I was transitioning from Yellow , and currently seem to be more focused on Turquoise :

graph : everystockphoto-116188-o.png

Dante's shared links

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Dante s most hitch hiked routes

Brussels < > Berlin < > Vilnius , Riga , Tartu - ...

Brussels < > Budapest < > Belgrade - ... Sofia , Istanbul

Brussels < > Budapest < > Cluj - ... Brasov , ...

Brussels < > Basel

Brussels < > Paris

Brussels < > Luxembourg < > ...

Brussels < > London < > ... Lancaster , Nottingham , Bath

Basel < > Freiburg < > Berlin

Krakow < > Zvolen < > Budapest

Berlin < > Krakow < > Lvov

Berlin < > Warsawa < > Kiev

Warsawa < > Krakow

Other axis :

Kiev < > Belgrade

Belgrade < > Berlin

Brussels < > Dijon

Brussels < > Barcelona < > Madrid < > Lisbon

Dijon < > Freiburg

Freiburg < > Barcelona

Berlin < > Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot

Berlin < > Dresden

Kaunas , Vilnius < > Warsawa

Krakow < > Wien

Lvov < > Kiev

Skopje < > Sofia

Wroclaw > Olstyn

Wien > Prague

Prague > Dresden

Wien > Rome

Rome > Brussels

Stockholm > Brussels

Tallinn > Helsinki - hh yacht ;-)



you can find me on facebook

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