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I am from Elbasan, Albania. I love hitchhiking and my inspirator is Xnothingxheldxbackx ore Taylor Booth (Canadian) guy RIP. He was a true soul of hitchhiking. And i am so sorry i didnt meet him in person.

I havent hitchhiked a lot but i am trying to hitchhike.


MACEDONIA total 108.7 km

03 April 2015 Hitchhiked with a female friend from Elbasan Albania to Struga , Macedonia. Total 4 lifts from Elbasan to Struga. Than i hitchhiked alone from Struga to Ohrid, which was not a long route. 1 lift. 05 April 2015 Coming back from Struga to Albania. It was very cold, raining and it looked that nobody would give me a lift but after 20 or 30 minutes waiting a car stoped and they were Macedonia albanians who give me a lift to Albania,

MONTENEGRO total 155 km

27 July 2015 After camping for three days with 7 friends, near the canyons of Cem river near Podgorica, me and a female friend began hitchhiking from Dinosha to Tuz and than we walked for around 15 km from Tuz to the Albanian border. An albanian friend gave us a lift maybe 3 or 5 km to the border. Also we took another lift here to Shkoder, Shkoder to Lezha and the last was Lezha to Tirana.

TURKEY February 2016, Done Istanbul to Bursa. Turkey is one of the easiest hitchhiking ever.