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Suceava is a city in the northeast of Romania. It is a major commercial centre in the province of Moldavia (Moldova) and a typical base for transiting to or from Ukraine and exploring the UNESCO-recognized painted monasteries of Moldavia.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Ukraine

take bus n 5 to the last stop then walk a bit back and left, follow the road to Siret, last Romanian city before the border

West towards Bistriţa, Dej E 58 E 576

Take a maxi-taxi in the direction Opcini. The last stop is next to a store called Mobila. Walk further down the street to the intersection, which is signposted for Cluj-Napoca. When you turn onto this road, there is about a hundred meters where a car can stop. You can thumb here and get a lift out of the city.


All the county of Suceava is amazing and perfect to wildcamp. You can easily hitch a lift to Pradauti (unesco heritage) intersection, walk to the monastery and set up your tent somewhere or being hosted by the guardians, as Fede did. 6 km from it, through an amazing forest road you will reach the more famous Dragomirna monastery, where also is very easy to find a spot for your tent. (entrance with fee 5lei better stay out..)