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<map lat='59.325' lng='18.07' zoom='11' view='0' country='Sweden' float='right'/> Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, as well as the largest city, situated along the south-central east coast of the country. The city itself spreads out quite far into several districts and suburbs, with a large and complex public transportation system. There is also an active harbour located within the city-center (near the old city, Gamla Stan, and the Slussen T-bana (subway)) from which cruise ships enter and leave to other major cities in the region. It was once thought possible to hitchhike the large commercial carrier trucks entering these cruise ships but many drivers will tell you that it is illegal and will advise you to buy a passenger ticket instead. Unlike some other ferries in Europe where tickets are purchased per car, passengers on these ferries are required to pay individually.

Hitching Out


Take a commuter train (Pendeltåg) to Märsta. Then get out of the station through the little swing door that you see on your left side when walking towards the station house. Turn left and walk South along the railroad until there is a bridge which crosses rails on your left side. You can start hitchhiking on the other side of the bridge. Most drivers who will pick you up will most likely go to Arlanda airport. In this case, get out of their car at the roundabout by the E4. (You can also walk this roundabout while hitching, it's 1-2 km.) Walk up to the Uppsala entrance and stand right behind the pedestrian crossing. According to some folks, this is a truly magical spot where waiting times hardly ever exceed 10 minutes. Do not accept a ride shorter than to Uppsala.


Take the T-bana (metro) towards Norsborg and get out at Hallunda (last but one), then walk down the Tre Kallors väg and you will find a good spot with a petrol station. A lot of cars are going South all the way to Denmark.

Useful Things

Free lockers can be found at the modern museum. The University provides you with rather cheap coffee, maybe also with free lockers, and at least at the Kungliga tekniska högskolan you can get free Internet access. Ask for the library, and at the desk ask for a guest account. You can also find Internet access at the city libraries and at the other Universities.