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Take a ferry to ''Kadıköy'' on Asian side. Next to the ferry terminal there is a bus terminal where you have 2 options:
1) # Take bus 19, 19C, 19Y, or just ask which bus is going to '''Ferhatpaşa''' the stop you have to get off at (you will see a road going in a circle like a big roundabout). From there walk northeast until you get to the motorway O4 Anadolu Otoyolu. There is a fence along the motorway but it has many holes, so getting to the other side is not difficult, or can just go to the gate where is possible to entre freely. Once you get to the parking area, you can ask around or make a big sign and show it at parking area's exit to the drivers passing by on the motorway, so they can stop on a merge lane. There's one small restaurant in the parking area where many drivers stop for a short break. 2) # Take bus 130 and after half an hour or so you'll arrive to a Gas station where the bus stops (near Gebze). Get down and from here you can hitch-hike either asking or stopping cars.
==== From Şekerpınar close to Gebze ====
Alternatively you could wait for a ride to take you across the bridge and get dropped off at the paytolls on the Asian side and find a ride onto the 04 from there.
=== South towards [[Yalova]]/, [[Bursa]]/or [[Izmir]] ===
See [[Eskihisar]] for how to get to the ferry jetty on the route and how to get into the ferry for free.