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i I put the Guiness Book Part out, because compared to the amount of information in the other headlines, this seems to be a bit too much and too boring (to be honest).  : ''It is also the source of the only authenticated records!'' Also the "Suggestions" are a bit useless. I vote to exclude this.  : ''You can vote what you want, getting 32 rides on a day is something only an (censored) would consider an achievement...''
"Further reference" makes sense to me in this article and can stay.
Maybe the "Guiness Book of Records Hitchhiking" fit more into another article about the History of Hitchhiking within the Guiness Book.
: ''No, they are records, no need to create more pages.''
The 24 hour entry of you Robert is included in the new list. No need to have it twice in the article. I furthermore don´t see a point to just copy paste the old article under the new one. Maybe you want to explain your intention with this edit. :)
: ''It was a nice article about records, until someone decided to act first and talk later - FWIW, there is a "Preview" button, no need to make umpteen changes of a single line!''
I will stop editing, before we worked something out here.
Cheers: ''Very good,[[User:Korn|Korn]]then I can also try to pt Miran Ipavec's records back, which you also carelessly wiped off the page!''
== no hedaline ==
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