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High-tech hitchhiking

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To cancel a route, Top Menu > Routing > Clear<br>
Marble saves data in the hidden several folders:
There you can drop kml tracks in the folder folders tracking and routing.<br>OSM tiles are saved in the hidden folder:
/.maps/OpenStreetMap I
Install a country for offline use - automatically<br>
Marble > Top menu > Routing > wrench icon on the lower right > select Monav > Configure > Install New > select country and Install. The download and installation will start.The map is saved in /.local/share/marble/maps/earth/monavNOTE: Auto-install seems to be botched here. For some reason the tiles do not show up and I end up saving tiles the manual way by scrolling and zooming. Manual download is probably also the way to get more up to date maps.<br>
To download a car, bicycle or pedestrian map of a route, follow the directions at the paragraph 'Downloading Map Data' at
3. On a PC, download Hitchwiki markers from [maps maps]. Select Download at the bottom of the window and select a country. The file is named country-XX.kml. Download should start by itself, though sometimes it doesn't (e.g. in OSX). Try a different browser or OS in that case. <br>
Copy the file(s) country-XX.kml file to the N900 to the MyDocs folder.
4. Good hh spots such as petrol stations and rest areas only appear at lower zoom levels. You might want to bookmark these spots in the area you are heading beforehand. This will make lookups quicker.<br>
To do so, place the crosshair on the spot > press screen > Add bookmark > give a name. The bookmark now shows at all zoom levels.
The bookmark is saved to bookmarks.kml in : /.local/share/marble/bookmarks and can be edited in a kml editor, for example Google Earth. (Unfortunately the desktop version of Marble crashes when exporting the bookmarks.kml file.). Make a backup before you start edit just in case.
5. ON THE ROAD<br>