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== Border Crossings ==
There are three border crossings with [[Georgia]], through the towns of Ninotsminda (Georgia), Dmanisi (Georgia) and Bagratashen (Armenia). There is frequent traffic between these countries, especially between [[Yerevan]] and [[Tbilisi]]. The Bagratashen-crossing won't give you much trouble - border guards are ok OK and it will most probably take you less than 10 minutes to cross it.
It is not possible to cross the border to [[Turkey]] or [[Azerbaijan]]. Near the border to Azerbaijan there can be unsecured fields of landmines land mines and sometimes the conflict at this border escalates.
[[Armenia]] has one border crossing with [[Iran]], [[Meghri-Nordooz border crossing|Meghri]]. You have to be a bit careful on this border, if you are hitchhiking from Iran, as there is 5 kilometers of forbidden zone, which means that it's only possible to move there by transport. Border guards might force you to take a taxi if you try to walk across.
== Getting in ==
Most EU- citizens and US- citizens need a visa to enter Armenia. Don't worry, it is very easy and cheap to obtain one. You do not have to have one in advance but you can get it at the border. The border guards will give you a form to fill out. The visa itself will cost 3000 AMD (€6EUR 6) for 21 days. 5 minutes after you gave the form and the money you will get a nice visa.
Check [ this website] to see if you need a visa for Armenia.
As in majority of caucasusCaucasus, but even more, vehicular language is Russian. You really hardly will find people speak englishEnglish, but if you speak Russian u wont you won't have any problem to make yourself understood by people, of any age.Armenian language is quite hard, both in pronunciation and vocabulary. As I [[User:Fedecicco |Fedecicco]] didn't speak Russian, i he had to learn it a bit, as for Georgian. Here some useful words:
* Baref - Hello; * ur es kenu? (oor ais kainoo?) - Where do you go? ; * Pokh - money; * pokh che? - for free?; * arnunitencha? (arnooneetainchah?) - What's your name?* vorteghr e ... ? (vortaighr ai..?) - Where is ..? ; * ...ka/chka? - Is/isn't there ....? ; * joor - water; * atz - bread; * meerk - fruit; * hesht - easy; * dehjvar - difficult; * yerp? - when; inch? which? what?; * inchpesh? how; * inchoo? why?; * araj - before; * ima- now; * heto- later; * karik - need; * Aeesor - today; * yerek - yesterday; * vaghra - tomorrow; * sor - day; * gheeshaij - night che (chai) before the verb works as negation so gheedaim - i I know -> che gheedaim - i I don't know. * oozoom em ... - I want ...; * asel - tell; * knel - sleep; * khmel - drink; * ootel- eat; * oknel - help; * tsoort - cold; * shok - hot; * hasranoom - understand (che hasranoom - i dont I don't understand) ; * dandagh (dundugh) - slow; * araghr - fast
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