San José (Costa Rica)

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San Jose is a the capital of Costa Rica.

Hitching Out

You can basicly try it a lot closer to the city than the Hitchiking spots I ve mentioned. The Panamerican Highway passes right through the city.


If you want to go in direction San Isidrio or Panama take a bus from San Jose to Cartago (300 C) and ask the bus driver to drop you off at the Peage Station. <map lat='9.90084583785899' lng='-83.9947271347046' zoom='14' view='2' float='right' />


For the direction Puntarenas, Limon or Nicaragua take a bus to Alajuella and drop of at the Peaje Station or at the Airport. Should be allright to hitchhike out from there. <map lat='10.0010092352452' lng='-84.1857647895813' zoom='14' view='2' float='right' />

Public transport

Public Transport is quite cheap and brings you almost everywhere in the Valle Central. The busses who are heading for the suburbs and surrounding cities of San Jose costs normaly less then 300 C and departuring without timetable but most likely every 5 - 15 minutes.


Check out my profile on BeWelcome. If I m not here check the very active San Jose Couchsufing Club.