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Peel is a seaside city with a cathedral and alot of sandstone back alleys near the seafront on the Isle of Man.

Hitchhiking out

Northwards towards Ramsey

The best place is near the old factory on the outskirts of town where there is a long straight.

Eastwards towards Douglas

Start hitching east of the Queen Elizabeth II High School. You can carry on walking to St Johns along the long straights but be wary of hitching outside the cemetary as this could cause people to swerve in the road.

Southwards towards Dalby

From Patrick Street walk along to the new developments on the outskirt of town and you will find a descent stretch of road after the bend to the left before the hill to the bridge. Unless you plan on covering ground while your hitching try not to hitch on the hill.

Hitching In

Places to Visit

The main features of Peel are the Hill and Castle to the east of Peel where you can cross the bridge at the mouth of the harbour. The fishing on the pier is said to be the best on the island and lots of people fish in summer. For food its mostly stodgey pasty shops with afew co-op style stores. The only saving grace in doing the famous 'ice-cream on the promenade' and perhaps the best flapjack on the island from the bakery half way down the main shopping street (Micheal Street).

Places to Avoid

Most of the pubs are full of sloathe seadogs looking for a cure. Although the creek has a good place to have a larger in the summer sun.

Accommodation and Sleep

Your best bet is to get a tent and stay in the campsite field (full at TT) to the east the Clothworkers Secondary School ( Alternatively just camp in a field to the north of Peel.

Other Useful Info

People from Peel are called "Govigs"