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Parassapuszta-Šahy border crossing

<map lat='48.058951' lng='18.962703' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' height='270' width='350' />

The Parassapuszta-Šahy border crossing joins Hungary (near Parassapuszta) with Slovakia (at Šahy). It lies on European Route 77. In Slovakia this route is national road 66, while in Hungary it is national route 2 and later the M2 motorway.

Because Slovakia and Hungary are part of the Schengen zone, there are no border controls and cars drive by quickly. However, a lot of trucks drive through this crossing, and it is easy for them to stop here.

If you are going to Poland, this is the ideal place for you. Don't bother hitching short-distance rides. Just hold a sign "PL", and it won't take you long to stop a truck.

There is also a gas station right before Šahy called Benzina (Jan 2015), where many trucks stop before continuing either north to Poland, or south to Hungary.

It is very possible to find a ride here going all the way to Serbia or Romania, or even Turkey. For a ride to Turkey, many Turkish and Serbian drivers stop for the night at a rest stop about 50 meters behind this gas station. Hitchhiker Lubotron got a direct ride to Istanbul from this spot in January 2015 and a direct ride to Serbia in August 2014. The driver was actually going all the way to Iraq. The owner of the rest stop let him spend the night there while he was waiting for his driver to finish his break.