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Panevėžys is a town in Lithuania.

Hitching Out

North towards Riga (Latvia)

To catch a ride to Latvia, you need to take city bus Nr15 towards Piniava and get out at the last stop (Called "Piniava"). Walk towards the river, cross the bridge and find a place to stand safely and hitch-hike. If you are only passing Panevėžys by, you may be dropped out at the circuit; it is a bit more difficult to hitchhike there.

West towards Šiauliai and Klaipėda

Take buses Nr.1, 3, 13, 14 towards Kniaudiškių st and get out at the last stop close to a big supermarket "Babilonas". Then cross the street called Klaipėdos. You can try to hitch-hike there and start walking a bit more out of the city.

South towards Vilnius and Kaunas

Take bus Nr.16 and go till the last bus stop "Prekybos bazė", cross the street and walk out the city. It's quite difficult to hitch-hike there because it's still city street. However, you can easily get a lift till the circuit where the highway starts and it is a great place for catching a ride to Vilnius, Kaunas and other towns too.