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Template:Pamukkale is a small village in south-western Turkey.

Hitching in

The easiest way to get Pamukkale is from Denizli, hitchin directly to the city and then taking Pamukkale Yolu which is the most transited without any doubt. Though coming from Aydin/Izmir you have also an alternative junction at Sarakoy, so many less vehicules pass by there but it is not very difficult to get a lift till the ruins and you will find on your way also another travertine source with water iron in Karahayit village.

Free entrance to the ruins

As Efes, Pamukkale too is one of the most popular and expensive (20TL september 2012) tourist destination of Turkey, though here again if your pocket are not full and you don't want to miss it, it is definitely worthy to try a free entrance. As any other pay monument is valid the muzeumkart but here again is available only for turkish people.On the contrary of Efes (see Selcuk), sneak inside here is a bit harder, simply because of its natural location. You will have to walk very far from the entrance cause you will be visible all your way along and one of the dozens guards most probably will catch you. Take a free map from one of the entrances. The best and easiest side is the north-west one (being the least used and surveiled), you will notice the ruins of the necropolis on the left of theatre, the most western ones, above them starts the mountain and the wood where the fence magically will disappear and you will become a normal paying tourist. Fede had to walk more than 2 hours in the wood, getting lost and paranoic because of a helicopter over his head several times, overcoming several obstacles with sandals on his feet though had no serious problem in the end nor cut on his skin.

Accommodation and Sleep

All the countryside and wood around the ruins is very suitable for wildcamping, in the village there are several hotels and a municipal camping too. The local school (closed in summer) is very calm and has a very nice garden, also close to the mosque for having baths.