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Ontario has a particular and hard to follow motorways and highways network. The numbering pattern remains difficult to understand while travelling throughout the province.

Ontario Motorways are usually concentrated in the southern part of the province. The remaining of the highway network enters the same category and goes with ascending numbers (currently between 2 and 148). These last does not necessarily have a limited access for automotive with crossroad intersection on its length and are most common in Northern Ontario or in Rural areas.

The Road Network of Ontario is divided into the King's Highway network and the secondary road network. The former includes the '400-series' expressways and all other motorways serving the various regions of the country while the second includes the County Roads, the '500-series' and the former highways downgraded to local authorities.

In Ontario, the Trans-Canada Highway has a full and formal status on several routes throughout the province. There are various spur that deserve and links various regions and cities in the province.

'400-Series' Expressway

The '400' Number expressways are found in Eastern Ontario, Central Ontario, Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario. It is "illegal" to hitchhike on the 400 series highways, though there are ample on ramps along most routes.

King's Highway

County and Major Roads

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