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Nyköping (pronounced [nɨˈʃɶpɪŋ]) is a city with some 27,000 inhabitants and it is located in the South East of Sweden, in the province Södermanland.

Going North to Stockholm and South to Norrköping E 4

Take bus 563 towards Jönåker. After about 10 minutes you will see a blue sign saying Norrköping and a small one saying "Fridas väg". Pres the button and get of. The busstop should be called "Bergshamra". Go back and follow the sign to Norrköping, You will come to one cross road, here you walk straight and you will see the sign for "Nyköpings bro".. Here you can ask people for a ride north or south on the E4 as many people stop for gas and food on both sides. Its impossible to not get a ride to Stockholm as most cars going north is going there.

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