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Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, USA.

Hitchiking Out

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I was at the interstate outside of Nashville for 8 hours, on 3 different locations. Plenty of cops drove by, and none of them bothered me. On the contrary an officer stopped to greet me and told me that he admired what i was doing and that i had to look out for people who might want to exploit my kind nature. Eventually i gave up hitchhiking and went back into town. My bad luck might have been due to the fact that it was 3rd of july.--Ottes (talk) 22:51, 9 July 2013 (CEST)

I hitched south out of Nashville on I24 on April 30, 2014 with no problem. I got a friend to drop me off at the Bell Road on ramp in Antioch. Still very much within Davidson County, but beyond some of the metropolitan madness. I saw plenty of police but none stopped. This on ramp in particular was ideal because of the stoplight and yield sign that slowed traffic so they could get a good look at me. Got a ride in less than ten minutes."--Hitchhike Interviews (talk) 07:34, 13 May 2014 (CEST)

I do not recommend hitchhiking in Nashville. I was recently arrested on the onramp of I40 heading east for 'soliciting a ride' and 'standing on the interstate' even though i was off of the shoulder, not touching the roadway itself when the cops came. They were almost excited to arrest me, one cop happily saying that this will take the rest of the day for them (it was only about 2pm). They apparently needed 4 different cop cars and 6 cops surrounding me during this process. I was calm and peaceful toward them the whole time, but they did not pay me equal respect. Ive never had any problems hitchhiking until now. Its rediculous that asking people for a ride to Knoxville has landed me with an arrest on my record and tons of fines. -Frodo, 24 July 2017

Hitched south to Birmingham, Alabama on I65. Started from Brentwood, where plenty of cars go south. Good place for cars to stop, although many offered short rides. Finally accepted a ride to Columbia, from where I found a ride to Alabama in a few minutes. No police for the whole way. Jan 2018

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