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Mons is a little and beautiful town of 92,000 inhabitants, situated at the heart of a built-up area of 250,000 inhabitants. It is Wallonia’s 3rd town and also the main administrative and legal centre of the Province of Hainaut. It is a major university centre with more than 10,000 students. E19 and E42 motorways cross and the North of the city, allowing you to go anywhere you want in Europe.

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='50.451952' lng='3.949585' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/>

South direction Paris, Lille

Leaving Mons is quite complicated since the motorway is very big (more the 4 ways) and there's nowhere for the cars to stop. The big issue is to find a lift to the first service area called Saint-Ghislain. The best place for this would be near the parking of the Brico, a DIY shop.

North direction Brussels

The best way is probably by going to the Grands Prés, and look for a car there, because elsewhere would be kind of dangerous.

Another possibility is to take the motorway in Havré. Many cars on "Chaussée du Roeulx" are taking this motorway and some will tank up at the petrol station of the Delhaize supermarket. This petrol station is about 30 minutes walking from the Grand'Place. You walk down "Rue d'Havré", then carry straight on, pass the hospital St Joseph and a school, turn left (Rue Fariaux) and right (Avenue de l'Hopital) and then straight on.

Then once you've entered the motorway, you should stop at the first petrol station, which is big enough and where you shouldn't have any trouble getting a direct ride to Brussels.