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Marshall Islands

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The Marshall Islands are an archipelago nation in Micronesia, Oceania.

Flag of Marshall Islands Marshall Islands
Language: Marshallese and English
Capital: Majuro
Population: 63,174
Currency: US Dollar
Hitchability: <rating country='mh' />
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Hitchhikernick - Visited Majuro in October 2023 for a week. Average waiting time was 10-15 minutes. Is possible to walk between islands of Majuro Atoll when the tide goes out. There is some designated picnic spots (one at far tip of Laura for 1$ entry fee, don't think your supposed to sleep there for the night, but i did with no issues and the charge improved security). I camped out on several islands on their rugged perimeter (not many beaches and tide comes in) and in fields. Dogs seemed real chilled here compared to Pohnpei.