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Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
Language: Malay
Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Population: 27,496,000
Currency: Ringgit (RM)
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Malaysia is a country in South East Asia.

Malaysia is nice for hitching. There is a real expressway running on the north-south axis from the Thai border, via Kuala Lumpur, towards Singapore. Stay on the gas stations with the nice food stalls. It is pretty easy to get a ride there, but in rural areas it shouldn't be a problem, too. On the onramps of the highway after the toll booth you can usually hitchhike as well, and it's possible to regularly stop multiple cars at once. The only problem being that the drivers are often heading lots of different directions then indicated on your sign.


You can usually find tasty cheap meals for about 50 eurocents, and thus don't need to carry a lot of food, if any at all. Cold showers, a real treat in the hot climate, are often available free of charge.

Border Crossing

Malaysians are paranoid about immigrations issues, so if you go from Eastern Malaysia to Brunei you get your passport stamped like crazy.

There is a ferry from Melaka to Dumai, Indonesia (20USD) and police will give you real trouble if you try to leave by a cargo boat (if you can even enter the port. If you make it please inform us here.) In Georgetown there's a small marina with private yachts. But it's easier to get a free ride with a boat in Langkawi. Most of the boats go to Indonesia.

There are two border crossings to Singapore.