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<map lat='49.861005318023004' lng='24.0325927734375' zoom='9' view='0' float='right' /> Lviv (Ukrainian: Львів, Polish: Lwów, Russian: L'vov Львов) is a city in Western Ukraine, about 70km away from Polish border. Warning! You can't cross the border by foot! (except to poland in Medyka)

Hitching out

Northwest towards Rava-Ruska, Lublin (Poland) E372/M9

Take marshrutka (minibus) 40 to Avtostantsiya Nomyer Dva (АС-2 - Автостанція №2), a bus station in the northern suburbs of Lviv. From there walk north along the main road for about 1km till you reach the beginning of road M-09 (E372) going to Rava-Ruska (Рава-Руська) and Lublin in Poland.

East towards Ternopil, Vinnitsa H-02

Take marshrutka (mini bus) 36, 68, 75 to Vynnyky (Винники). You can hitch in the town or walk east along the main road for about 1km and start hitching behind the bypass.

South towards Mukacheve, Uzhgorod, Košice (Slovakia) E50/M6

Take marshrutka (mini bus) 18 from the train station to the Uzhgorod (Ужгород) bus station. Right after the turn towards the bus station you can stand on the side of the road, or walk a few hundred meters down to a bridge and hitch from there. If already on the Lviv ring road, there is a petrol station located right where the M-06 (E50) branches off to the south, and you can ask drivers there. If you can get a lift as far as Stryi (Стрий) or Mukacheve (Мукачеве), it is easy to get further rides south or southwest.

Mini bus to Polish border

Not exactly hitching, but you can get a marshrutka (mini bus) from the train station going to the closest Polish border point, the Shegyni-Medyka crossing, which is not far from Przemyśl in Poland and on the E40/M11 road. It costs 14 UAH (March 2008). Look or ask for one that says Lviv - Shegyni (Львів-Шегині). It is allowed to cross the border on foot. There might be a long queue, as cigarette smuggling is a big problem so they have to do random checks. If you are not Polish or Ukrainian let the border guards know and they will move you to the front of the queue.