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Template:Lusaka is a city in Zambia.

Hitching out

North towards Mpulungu or Tanzania

The distance is roughly 1150km. One of the best lay-bys for hitchhiking north out of Lusaka is just outside the town centre. Head north along the Great North Road towards the Independence Stadium. As you approach, you will know you are nearby when you see a huge concrete arch over the road with the message "Celebrating 45 years of Independence" painted on it. As you pass under it, you go over the hill and over to your left you will see the spotlights of the stadium to identify the point. About 50m down the road is a major lay-by where you can approach the truck drivers who've stopped here to ask for a ride. You can wait a long time until you find a truck that's going to your destination, but patience pays in Africa.

Places to avoid

Avoid passing through the pedestrian walk-way tunnels around the railways tracks in the city centre towards sunset. This is just a common sense saftey hint, and would apply in any city and country.

Accommodation and Sleep

Lusaka has many types of accommodation, depending on your budget. These range from top end hotels to backpackers lodges.

Other useful info

Locals say that the best time to start hitchhiking is in the early morning once the truckers have put fuel in at the depots and then want to hit the road as early as possible to get a head start.