Las Cruces

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Las cruces and just like any of these border towns are terrible everyone thinks your a smuggler,illegal,transient or working for the police actually my time in new Mexico sucked although everyone I met along the way was pretty helpful I ended up meeting a Marine and he got me to the greyhound on his bike,there's good everywhere

I was driven just outside of town on I-10 by my host, then got a ride from a trucker to Tucson (2017).

Caught the cheap 5$ bus from El Paso TX to Las Cruces NM. Once there I got on the onramp near the Mesilla Valley Mall with the aim of getting to Santa Fe (that's what was on my sign). This is where I accessed the onramp 32.314418, -106.746633 . I remember having to climb a small fence. I walked further onto the highway to catch more traffic. Two police car passed by without bothering me. After waiting an hour or so a girl picked me up, she was heading to Taos for the weekend with her friend from Albuquerque. I spent the weekend with them (they even let me sleep in their hotel room) and even drove me back down to Albuquerque where I stayed at theirs. One of my best hitches ever. Ozcar August 2017