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Kaolack is a city in Senegal. Kaolack is situated along the Saloum river, who opens into a large delta further west. Due to this delta, the city is a major crossroads for all traffic within Senegal. Looking at a map, you'll see that it's almost inevitable to drive trough Senegal without coming trough Kaolack. Hitchhiking from here in any direction is quite easy.

The quickest way for transport within the city is to hop on a private motorbike-taxi. The cheapest way are the public minibuses, ask locals to find the right one. To start hitchin' get yourself dropped at the edge of the city

Hitchhiking out

West towards Dakar

The N1, one of the major highways in Senegal connects Dakar and Kaolack. The road is in good condition and there is vivid traffic.

South towards Gambia/Serrekunda/Casamance

Just a bit south of the city, the N4 and N5 split.This junction is a good spot to hitch in either direction. You can get yourself dropped here by a mototaxi. But be aware that there is no shade and no more shops out here. Both roads will take you to the border of Gambia and on to Casamance. The western route going to Serrekunda is a lot more busy. To arrive in Serrekunda, you have to hitch towards the border checkpoint. directly there it's very easy to find a next ride. Shortly after the border checkpoint, you'll have to cross the Gambia river by ferry. The ferryride takes 40 min but with a car you might have to wait for 3-4 rounds until it's your turn. Sometimes it might be a lot faster to leave your car and board the ferry as a foot passenger and then find another ride on or after the ferry.

North towards Diourbel

  • missing data on road condition/good spot

East towards Tambacounda

  • missing data on road condition/good spot