Kansas City

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Kansas City is a city in Kansas.

Hitching out

From downtown you can ask bus drivers how to get to joco Johnson county community college. From there you can get a bus to the college in Lawrence (K-10 connector). Keep in mind this is gonna take a while for waiting and stuff. They don't make it very easy but it will cost no more then about 6 bucks all together.

Another option is to hitch from a truck stop with a trucker.

Jason got a ride from Lawrence to KC to hitch south on the 69. Cops pulled over within 10 minutes, told him that hitchhiking is illegal in the United States of America. Whaa, after 5 weeks hitchhiking the States, now they tell him? Hit the onramp again after they left, they returned, threatened with arrest. Taken to the state line and dumped on a countryside closed road, 5 miles away from anything. Sweet! Thank you, Kansas City! Thus the 71 south is probably more advisable if you're heading south.