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Hitchwiki:Hitchgathering/2011/Magdeburg Meeting/Minutes/Day1


The voting is finished. Bulgaria made the first place with 33% of the votes, Berlin and Turkey follow with both 14%. Bulgaria it is then!


  • Max called. He suggests Google earth (maps) link to event / with date as it's not obvious to newcomers right now. He also would love to see more interaction with local people on the spot.
  • Patryk suggests the location is the key to attract attention, like the New Year's Eve meeting in BCN
  • Ben hints that we need more entry points to the website: We could put up communication material physically on gas stations and good spots are suggested but Julien points out that gas stations are fenced places and owners might just remove it. Popular paths to hitchhiking spots like metro Nikolassee to the Grunewald resting area in Berlin are suggested as an alternative
  • The website should be more obvious about the actual meeting -> because people are too busy to look through all this information. Julien is building a splash screen for first time visitors
  • Pictures relate to the gathering -> show cool pictures of previous gatherings on the website
  • We should advertise Hitchgathering on "adventure" websites


  • Have a big pre-meeting in Berlin? Berlin is too far, so Budapest or s/t?

"for next year I wanna get away from democracy because for us democracy has proven a failure" - Julien

Julien: There's nothing good in Italy.
Patryk: There's nothing good about comparing everything to one country.
Ben: There's nothing good about countries.