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So far there have been suggestions for Italy and Romania.

After a scouting trip to one of the Italian locations we got told that it is not available.

another location proposal in italy is the valley at Malga/ Casera Chiampis:

Screenshot Maps.png

46.32708, 12.73115

Malga Chiampis is a bivac hut. i don't suggest to have the gathering in the hut, but in the huge valley floor around it. in 2018 a thousand rainbow people gathered there, it's a huge open area at 1200m ASL, surrounded by peaks just shy of 2000m ASL. the place is about 5hours hike from the road, hiking trail begins close to Tramonti di Sopra. there should be drinking water, else the rainbow gathering would not have been possible.

46.40129N, 12.9066E Pre Alpi Carniche, Italy 

Quinis3.png This exact spot (pin on the map) is mostly a steep hill. A vehicular dirt path runs just south of the pin, across it is plenty of brambley, flat, muddy areas. Local people do come around this area.

The pin is about a 20-30 minute hike from the road (SS52).

  1. Following a dirt path across an open field/ pasture, then passing through a row of trees and bushes;
  2. then crossing a dry river bed. The river bed is accessed from a well-used dirt ramp for offroad vehicles. The bed of the Tagliamento River itself is mostly pebbles and hikable. East of/ at the confluence "Degano" there is clean river water that is drinkable. From the vehicular bridge at Invillino, the water is no higher than knee height. Water levels might be lower in the summer, otherwise and probably good for bathing. River levels: https://earlyfloodalert.com/paw/index.html?commonid=friaul-540-it
  3. There is another vehicular dirt ramp on the other side adjacent to an inhabited house. Next to that is a pasture that is cordoned off. There is a constantly flowing tap directly next to the dirt path across from the building. Following the dirt path and turning right, the spot is just past another inhabited hut on the right hand side.

At Invillino, there is a Euro Spar supermarket with super easy dumpsters. https://gopro.com/v/Bb6QmKEvLQoO9

Hitchhiking around the area is easy. A23_(Italy) is accessed through Tolmezzo. There is an eastbound bus stop on SS52 No more than 30 minutes from the spot with plenty of medium speed traffic all day. Hitching west is easy as well, at the T intersection right across the road from the bus stop. The nearest train station is at Carnia. Hitching from Carnia, the wait was no more than 20 mins. Hitching to Carnia from Pontebba, Bullitt was picked up immediately upon sticking a thumb out in the middle of town.

Scouting pics and videos https://gopro.com/v/zbMEae30d1eBd

Sacuieu Romania

Locaton of 2015 European Rainbow Gathering. Săcuieu. (In Hungarian: Székelyjó), in the Apuseni mountains.

Go westbound along Highway 1 (E60) towards Oradea. Drive for 62km until you reach Bologa, then head south along 103H and go another 12.8km through Sacuieu until you see a sign “Pensiunea Sequoia” - then turn off from the main road onto a dirt road to a place (a hostel). Continue driving past for another 500m approx. towards the river. You’ll then find the Rainbow car park. The walk-in is about 40 minutes.