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YOU can Edit this page. Get active! Help out! Hitchgathering is self organised.

For current information regarding Corona(-rules) please check (and if necessary update): Hitchhiking_and_Corona

As usual, there will be a Hitchgathering in August this year -- come hitch to a beautiful spot somewhere in Europe to meet a bunch of other funky people to hang out, play music, do workshops, cook on the fire and celebrate the hitchhiking way of life together!

After a lengthy and slightly messy decision-making process, it was decided that the gathering will be held at La Framondié, France. As always, please subscribe to the mailing list to join the discussion.

The overview over the other location proposals and all the info pertaining to the decision-making process can be found at Hitchgathering/2021/Archive.


There will be games, music, skinnydipping if there's a lake, or otherwise rolling around naked in the sand. Massage circles and many, many workshops. Late-night joints and bottles of wine passed around, discussions on how to -- you know.


Stickers have been printed by C. See the mailing list for informations.

Pre or post gatherings

C. proposed Kesselberg, an anarchist bastion in a forest in Germany for a pregathering. He said there is a group called Ecotopia doing a bike tour and that we could meet with them. Some people of the mailing list are part of the organisation so communication is easy. Like he said in his mail, I think it's a good idea to have pregatherings so people can met in smaller groups and have already a little bit of connivance before reaching the main gathering. Doing this is nice but we need to coordinate correctly. --Swaden (talk) 18:47, 24 March 2021 (CET)

We can organize easily small pregatherings at the infinity of forest cabins available in Switzerland, Sweden or Norway.

Online event

Some people have proposed the idea of conducting an online event for people not able to attend the gathering.-->