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Hitchgathering 2011
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Since there is a feature on the website to suggest and comment on workshop, I suggest we simply link there from this page. Comments? Sitarane.mp 14:42, 24 April 2011 (CEST)

On this page, participants and fellows of the hitchgathering are welcome to add their ideas for workshops. Everybody is welcome, think for example of workshops to teach other hitchhikers your favorite hitchhiking skills, Arctic cooking styles, show how to play the tambourine or share whatever you want to share. Just add your ideas to the list below!

workshop suggestions

Living Library (www.humanlibrary.org)

The concept is explained thoroughly in http://humanlibrary.org but briefly: it's an event where the books in the library are people who represent one part of their identity (e.g. plumber, geek, queer, politician, live action role player). These books are collected in a catalogue where one page is one book, including all stereotypes and prejudices this person has faced. Then readers, the audience, can come into the library and borrow a book for a 15-minute chat. These conversations are usually very deep and meaningful due to the lack of time, and can help break the aforementioned prejudice. There's also an Organizer's Guide available at the site.

The "librarians" and "the books" should be prepared beforehand. In fact, it would be nice if a) the local living library people could help (they are everywhere), and b) if people who sign up for the hitchgathering could already announce if they want to be a book. Apart from making us to really connect on a deeper level, this could be an open event also for the locals to meet the grand variety of hitchhikers and to see our diversity.