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You can Edit this page. Get active! Help out! This caravan is self organized !

For current information regarding the Caravan join the main hitchwiki signal group Signal-group

and/or the small one created for this Caravan https://signal.group/#CjQKIMl-5xrJmhMKape4_iAybm9Qp6VYfjWc814IS_X-jgasEhA1sF7pyGDYn7mMVpGDUy6j

and/or the mailing-list

Flavorpeach (talk)flavorpeach : I talked about this project to multiple people at the NYE gathering in Swiss, some people were interested, I guess the time/ what camino / the starting point will be decided once we are few people motivated, me i'm flexible, I chose the spring season because there is way less chance to have big heat waves.

I'll bring a bike trailer good to hike on not too hard and narrow paths with, and there will be 10 to 15kg of free room to put a big pot for cooking, dumpster dived food, etc... So we can camp and eat good foods without having to carry a ton of things on our backs

Bike trailer.jpg

little update 24/01/2024: we are 4/5 potentially interested, all in the small signal caravan group

in february i'll talk about it again to some friends, on the mailing list, signal group, etc... see if we are enough to decide exactly when, what way are we gonna walk on, etc...

little update 11/02/2024: in a near future we are gonna talk ( very probably on the small signal group, so if you wanna take part on the decision making come or let us know on the mailing list than you are out there if you can't join the signal group ) about when/where/how and then take a collective decision